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Founder & Skin Therapist

The idea for Skin Aspirations came down literally to my frustration with the industry. My experience working at clinics in Harley Street and in the City is that clients in most instances are sold industry "one-size-fits-all" hype. I believe that Skin Aspirations can make a huge difference in your skin health and appearance just by choosing customised and correct skin care.


My thought has always been, how can I help a client and make their experience better? Skin Aspirations was created to answer these questions by taking clients on a customised journey to achieve RESULTS by using products that I love and believe in.


I obtained my CIDESCO International Beauty Diploma in London. I have not stopped studying since and completed the advanced Skin Analysis Program at Pastiche Institute, which is run by Florence Barrett-Hill. At the same time, I continue to read books about skin and health, searching for scientific information and understanding every day more and more about the secrets of the skin and ingredients in cosmetics.  


I know that our treatments are effective and that your journey will be based on positive change, and I would be delighted to become your personal skin therapist.