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How the skin benefits from DMK Enzyme Therapy

This animation will help you understand how the skin benefits from DMK Enzyme masque #1, have a look at true oxygen therapy in full effect.

Danné Montague King on Enzymes

Danné Montague-King provides an insightful look at how natural enzymes play a significant role in DMK products and treatments.

Thought provoking BBC Three documentary on Acne

The BBC Three documentary ‘Dying for Clear Skin’ provided a thought provoking insight into how truly devastating acne can be for children and adults alike and the risks associated with prescribing treatments when their side effects are not clearly understood. Thankfully, there is an alternative to moisture-stripping cleansers and powerful drugs. Featured within the documentary is one acne sufferer’s (Will) experience of the DMK treatment that I have found most effective in working with my clients.