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Loose and Saggy Skin

Skin sagging and the weakening of facial muscles is an unavoidable result of ageing. To act against wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin, we must first understand the processes that cause the skin to age. Poor circulation and lymph drainage result in a loss of structural integrity, weakened fragile capillaries, decreased skin density, a decline in collagen production causing the dermal structures to deteriorate and the skin to sag.  Although there isn't much you can do to prevent the development of sagging skin and loose facial muscles there are skin treatments to slow down the development and even to correct the damage once it has been done.

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Youthful unharmed skin is tight, elastic, and full. However, things like ageing and the act of losing and gaining weight can reduce the tautness of skin and result in the appearance of loose skin, a persistently tired look to the face, and the look of premature ageing.

There are five main causes of sagging skin. Three you can control and two that you cannot control. The two that you cannot control include the natural processes of ageing and the downward pull of gravity. The three you can control are: 

  • UV exposure: Sun (UV) exposure damages the skin cells and retards their ability to rebound from the gravitational pull. 
  • Weight loss: Weight loss, especially large amounts or the act of shedding pounds too quickly, results in skin sag where the fat once filled out the area below the skin.
  • Smoking: Smoking dries out the skin and reduces the available moisture that is responsible for keeping skin plump and full. 


As loose and sagging skin is a result of structural destruction and deterioration in the normal functioning of the skin, we revise the decline by strengthening the skin’s underlying matrix. As a result, we encourage the skin to function like a young and healthy skin.


Recommended Treatments: DMK Enzyme therapy, DMK Muscle Banding, DMK Instant Lift, DMK A-Lift, Japanese Facial Massage, Skin Needling