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Bespoke acne facial

The science behind our acne facials

There are many approaches to acne treatment, drugs among them. Our experience indicates that the cells of the skin respond to the chemistry that they recognise. DMK based acne facials imitate the body’s chemistry and work with it.


Skin care is a matter of experience and understanding. Trends in ingredients and products may come and go, but one thing stays the same: acne skin needs to be decongested, the acid mantle restored to normal, and the flow of sebaceous oil regulated. A properly functioning acid mantle acts as a barrier against bacteria and other potential contaminants. This is the DMK principle of Remove-Restore-Protect-Maintain. DMK is a very versatile system with many options tailored to your particular acne skin.  


The Skin Aspirations approach to treating acne

DMK's advanced acne treatment method aims to achieve permanent, and long-lasting results. The usual approach of acne treatments uses topical solutions that lessen symptoms such as congested and oily skin, through a process of excessive drying out of the skin. This approach only addresses the symptoms that are visible on the surface of the skin but not the underlying causes of acne. The Skin Aspirations approach uses DMK treatment protocols which address the underlying cause of the acne by:

  • Deeply cleaning and controlling P. acnes bacteria
  • Controlling and breaking down excess sebum build-up
  • Restoring the natural processes of the skin
  • Acting on skin at cellular level to regulate functioning
  • Maintaining the balance of the skin’s acid mantle


What does the treatment involve?

The treatment program includes the use of tailored DMK acne facials along with DMK home-care products. The facials are based on DMK's unique Enzyme Therapy. The video below shows how the skin benefits from DMK Enzyme Therapy - 



The number of facials will be dependent on an individual’s current skin condition but usually requires a minimum of five sessions, every two weeks. In conjunction with the acne facials, we strongly recommend the use of the following DMK home-care products:



ACU-KLENZ is a home use product designed for acne skins, including cystic inflamed acne, anywhere on the face or body. It is formulated to control the spread of P. acnes bacteria and prevent future breakouts. It breakdowns hardened sebum plugs, rebalances oil production and calms down inflammation.



ACU-KLEAR is a water-based gel that minimises pimples and control acne breakouts. It is formulated to reduce redness and inflammation and to manage sebum control. It is drawn down into the hair follicle and kills the acne-causing bacteria. It encourages the flushing out of harmful toxins from the skin and increases the flow of purifying oxygen through the capillaries.



ACU-MOIST brings balance to the moisture levels in the skin. It is ideally suited for someone suffering from flaky skin caused by drying acne treatments or for someone seeking a non-oily light moisturising crème. It increases hydration, reduces inflammation and encourages healing while aiding in rebalancing oily congested skin. It is a great product to repair disrupted skin barriers. 



ACU-MIST is designed to help acne sufferers restore the critical acid mantle, controlling P. acnes bacteria, as well as hydrating the skin and protecting against transepidermal water loss. It can be sprayed over the face multiple times a day as an antibacterial barrier and hydration. ACU-MIST and ACU-MOIST make a powerful duo – the mist helps the moisturiser reach into the voids of the skin.  



ACU-THERM is a topical spot gel is designed to heat up (through a pseudo heat) and hydrolyse the hardened sebum wax allowing the pores to rid themselves of backed up fluid and bacteria trapped within. Anti-inflammatory ingredients reduce swelling and eliminate painful pimples fast.


For more information please see our Acne FAQ and the DMK Acne control information pack


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